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DXO Outdoor Shell - Black

DXOOutdoor Shell - Black

595 kr
Frakt från 139 kr
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DXO artikelnr. DHCAOSH00BT00EB0
Dustin artikelnr. 5011026238

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Undervatenshus för DxO One
The Outdoor Shell perfectly matches your photo and video experiences to your personal style.
The Outdoor Shell and the DxO ONE let you take pro-quality images and videos in the air, on land, or under the sea.

Extremely durable and easy to use, the waterproof Outdoor Shell protects your DxO ONE in every situation. Use your DxO ONE without fear during intense sporting activities, such as when skiing, car racing, hiking, and even skydiving. And if you are passionate about underwater sports (snorkeling and scuba diving) or watersports on the surface (kayaking and swimming), you will never miss the chance to capture these moments, including your children's best dives into the pool! And the DxO ONE's professional-level image quality will let you produce large-sized prints or watch your videos on a large screen.

The height of refinement: during below-the-surface use, the DxO ONE's Auto White Balance (AWB) will automatically compensate for the blue veil in your underwater images.

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