HPE Intelligent Management Center Wireless Service Manager / Real-Time Spectrum Guard

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  • A flexible, distributed and hierarchal deployment model provides increased scalability and resilience for networks with high availability requirements
  • Multi-user role-based management features ensure a comprehensive audit trail for user- and operations-based compliance
  • Multiple network topology views provide a detailed inventory of network configuration, as well as comprehensive element management of both H3C and 3Com devices
  • Easy-to-use performance management features - including in-depth correlation and analysis, real-time alarming, troubleshooting and experience capture - enables administrators to rapidly identify and remedy faults
  • Centralized report management facilitates the analysis of network trends and actionable capacity planning initiatives
  • The ability to view current topologies and bulk deploy virtual LANs (VLANs) facilitates the deployment and management of VLANs across the network
  • Comprehensive configuration management dramatically reduces the time required to roll out network changes and enables the "locking down" of network configurations, greatly reducing network downtime caused by misconfigurations


  • Access control list (ACL) management simplifies the deployment and control of ACLs across the network, enabling policy-based control of network security and quality of service (QoS), and ensuring the efficient use of device-level ACL resources


Electronic delivery of license for HP IMC Wireless Service Manager / Real-Time Location Services with 50-node E-LTU.


Tillverkare HPE
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Modell Wireless Service Manager / Real-Time Spectrum Guard
Kategori Nätverkstillämpningar
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Antal licenser 1 licens
Typ av licens Licens
Underkategori Nätverk - system- och fjärradministration