Zebra Etiketter Z-Select 2000D 102x152mm 12-Pack

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A smooth, bright white, direct thermal label stock which produces high contrast black images with Zebra thermal transfer
printers. The thermally sensitive top coating ensures maximum printhead life, gives superior smudge resistance and
protects the label from environmental conditions. The adhesive gives good performance across a range of temperatures
and on a wide variety of surfaces.


Pappers specifikationer
Etikettmodell Rulle
Typ av papper Direkttermo
Etikettkvalitet Matt
Kräver färgband Nej
Etikettbredd 102 mm
Etiketthöjd 152 mm
Rullens ytterdiameter 127 mm
Rullens innerdiameter 25 mm
Antal etiketter/rulle 475 st
Antal rullar i förpackningen 12 st