How 3 years of digital transformation happened in 3 weeks

This year we’re doing things differently. Join us at Expo Connected, a digital version of Dustin Expo, consisting of keynote sessions, seminars and talks where we meet up digitally and share knowledge about how the digital transformation suddenly got real.

On our online stage you’ll be able to meet industry experts and innovators. Lean back, learn and get inspired. Lean forward, raise your digital hand and discuss business opportunities in digitalisation, innovation and circularity.

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Meet our speakers

Rebecka Carlsson | CEO, Heureka Ventures

How sustainability and exponential tech can create new business models?

In her session she will talk about how the quest for a sustainable world is not only a challenge, but it is also a huge opportunity to create better things. When sustainability and exponential technology converge, new ideas and business models emerge.

Rebecka Carlsson was educated at Singularity University in Silicon Valley. For three months, she lived at NASA with 90 entrepreneurs and researchers from 47 countries and was trained in how exponential technologies like AI, VR and blockchain can be used to create scalable solutions for today's global challenges.

Today, Rebecka Carlsson is the founder and CEO of the Heureka Ventures business agency, which helps sustainability startups to scale and help established companies develop sustainable business models.

Thimon de Jong | Futurist & Founder, Whetston

The Human Side of Technology

Due to the global pandemic three years of digital transformation instead happened in three weeks. This might be very exciting from a business perspective. But what about the human perspective? Normally, human behaviour changes gradually and slowly. So, what are the psychological effects of the rapid change in use of technology? What changes can we expect to be permanent? And which ones are only temporary?

Thimon de Jong is an expert in the strategic business impact of future human behavior and societal change.

Tobias Ahlin | Digital Strategist

With experience from working at e.g. Doberman, Spotify, GitHub and Mojang (Minecraft), Tobias has collected a ton of anecdotes and stories that exemplify his advice, and he use data from the industry, psychology, and behavioral economics to verify them.

Elsa Bernadotte | COO & Co-founder, Karma

Modern businesses need to be sustainable environmentally, socially and economically. That is exactly what Karma aims to be. The fast-growing startup wants to eliminate food waste while still making a profit.

Karma now has 60 employees globally, who have the collective goal to lead the way to a truly circular economy and ultimately solve global food waste. Serial entrepreneur Elsa Bernadotte shares her key learnings around growth, impact and circular business models.

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