HPE Location Discovery Kit

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Do you spend countless hours manually tracking assets in your data center? HP Location Discovery Services is the first solution that merges the physical rack with IT equipment to provide automated location awareness of installed servers. HP Intelligent Series Racks with the HP Location Discovery option installed provides detailed location information to ProLiant Gen8 Server series units to help you track new installations and equipment moves. Upon installation the server's Integrated Lights-Out (iLO) queries and records the rack identifier as well as the exact U location of the server in the rack. This information can then be forwarded to other systems such as the HP Intelligent PDUs, used to automatically update HP OneView and Insight Control. This saves time in configuring hardware and software to manage the data center while reducing constant manual updates and the associated human errors that can slow resolution to issues and even cause down time and loss of business.


Tillverkare Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Produktlinje HPE
Förpackad kvantitet 1
Kompatibilitet PC
Produkttyp Location Discovery Kit
Tillbehörskategori Rack och rackhårdvara
Förpackningsinnehåll 2 x 7U-moduler, 8U-modul
Standarder som följs FCC, RoHS, KCC, ICES, VCCI, C-Tick