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  • KVT127E-SE


ServView 17 offers maximum KVM control in minimum space!
With its multi-sync display the ServView 17 offers full video compatibility even to Sun workstations running composite sync video at 1152x900x66/76Hz (requires keyboard/mouse conversion)! Video Signals are supported up to a max. 1280 x 1024 at 60Hz. Together with the gliding pad and the separate number block the full size windows-style quality keyboard offers desktop comfort at the rack. Keyboard layouts are available for almost every country/language.

Mounting the ServView 17 is easy. Two adjustable brackets for a mounting depth from 590 to 960mm are already included in the delivery. For smaller cabinets with a depth from 400 to 770 mm, the optional bracket set KVT127E-RW1 is the right choice (see accessories). Mount these brackets at the rear 19" profiles. The KVM tray then slides in easily from the front.

Reliable and ergonomic
Designed for reliable heavy-duty use, the ServView17, the KVM drawer offers a long lasting operation , making it ideal also for mission critical environments. The drawer’s design is modular. All components except the display can be replaced within minutes without the need of any tools.

Integrated KVM Switching
For even better rack space optimization, the ServView 17 comes optionally with a wide range of integrated ServSwitches. Choose between the following models:
For the control of up to 8 or 16 computers with VGA and PS/2 only interfaces choose the model KVT127E-xx-8-P or KVT127E-xx-16-P.
If you need multiplatform capability with VGA plus PS/2 or USB the KVT127E-xx-8-MP and KVT127E-xx-16-MP are the right choice to manage up to 8 or 16 CPUs.
For up to 4 or 8 newer computers with DVI and USB interfaces select KVT127E-xx-4-DU or KVT127E-xx-8-DU.
The switches are mounted into the back of the KVM tray without the need of extra space. Even the 16-Port models use only 1U rack space. To connect your servers order one of the proprietary 3-in-1 cables, which are available in different length.

NEW: Integrated CATx KVM Switching with optional IP access
Now CX ServSwitches are also available in a rear mount version for the ServView17. The ServSwitch CX series is our bestselling KVM switch guaranteeing a high level of quality and compatibility across multiple server hardware and software platforms. The CX modules come with 8 or 16 computer ports. CATx patch cables ensure neat rack installation over distances up 10m. Depending on the required interface, Server Access Modules (SAMs) can be chosen from either PS/2, USB or Sun. Password security access with user profiles, responding to RS-232 switching commands and more are nice extra features. All CX switches come with free WIZARD.NET management software, simplifying the access, security, and management systems with larger numbers of computers or users.
If you need only a local connection to the ServView17, but want to take advantage of the easy CATx server interconnections in combination with high end KVM Switching choose the KVT127E-xx-0IP08 for up to 8 computers or KVT127E-xx-0IP16 for 16 computers.
If you need to access your computers in addition also remotely via VNC/web browser, then select the KVT127E-xx-1IP08 resp. KVT127E-xx-1IP08 for one IP session at a time or the KVT127E-xx-4IP16 for up to 4 simultaneous IP sessions on 16 computers. The IP engine supports resolutions up to 1600 x 1200 at 60Hz to ensure there is enough power to allow smooth KVM over IP control.


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