Aten KVM over IP KN1116V

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  • KN1116V-AX-G


ATEN Technology
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RJ-45 Adapter
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RJ-45 Adapter


  • High port density - RJ-45 connectors for up to 16 ports in 1U housing
  • Laptop USB Console (LUC) - a dedicated USB port directly connects to a laptop for easy console operation
  • One bus for remote KVM over IP access
  • Two 10/100/1000 Mbps NICs for redundant LAN or two IP operation
  • Blade server supported
  • Local console provides PS/2 and USB keyboard and mouse support
  • Audio enabled


  • Virtual media support lets you map DVD-CD-ROMs and other storage media to a remote server
  • Dual power supply
  • End session feature - administrators can terminate running sessions
  • Out-of-band access-modem dial-in/dial out/dial back support
  • Adapter ID function: stores port information allowing administrators to relocate the servers to different ports, without having to re-configure the adapters and switches
  • Port share mode allows multiple users to gain access to a server simultaneously
  • Power association enables the switch's KVM ports to be associated with ATEN/ALTUSEN'S PDUs power outlets for remote power management of the servers from the switch's interface


The KN1116v is an IP-based KVM control unit, with dual IP / dual power functionality, serial console access and Virtual Media support that allows both local and remote operators to monitor and access multiple servers from a single console.Since the KN1116v uses TCP/IP for its communications protocol, it can be accessed via their IP addresses from anywhere on the LAN, WAN, or Internet - whether the connecting computer is located down the hall, down the street, or half-way around the world. Remote operators can log in via their browser or make use of stand-alone Windows or Java GUI applications.In addition to TCP/IP connectivity, the KN1116v provides console ports for a locally attached USB or PS/2 console, serial console and a Laptop USB console (LUC) - allowing access and control from the data center as well as over the Net.Monitoring the installation's activities couldn't be easier. A convenient Auto Scan feature permits automatic switching from port to port at user-specified intervals, while the panel array mode can display the video output of multiple servers at the same time.The KN1116v also supports advanced virtual media functions, such as mapping USB DVD/CD/hard drives; and other storage media to a server. Virtual media support allows you to conduct file transfers, installs applications and OS patches, and perform diagnostics remotely. You can upgrade your entire installation from a single remote console located anywhere in the world. In addition, the KN1116v offers dual IP, dual power supplies, so that if one of the IP or power supplies fails, the second automatically takes over.With its powerful features, the KVM Over the NET switch provides the fastest, most reliable, most cost effective way to remotely access and manage multiple server installations.


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