Multibrackets M Public Display Stand Dual Screen Mount

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Typ av fäste
200 x 200 mm, 300 x 200 mm, 300 x 300 mm, 400 x 200 mm, 400 x 400 mm, 600 x 400 mm
Maximal vikt (per skärm)
50 kg


  • Displays are simple to mount, exact alignment, high finish and easy serviceability
  • The complete videowall can easily be moved over thresholds
  • Displays are easy accessible
  • Integrated cable management for a clean and seamless installation
  • 220V Power rail included into the pillar


Multibrackets Public Display Stand is one of the most flexible and multifunctional display stand serie of its kind.M Public Display Stans Movable Videowall series multi-display floor stand mounts provide an easy solution for constructing video wall displays in prominent locations where walls are not easily available. This innovative system allows any screen to be removed quickly and easily without affecting the surrounding screens, it is easily scalable and has the freedom to create custom shapes and orientations. This system solves the request multi location of a video wall solution. Perfect in company entrances, waiting rooms, shows etc. When used in one location it is possible to fast and easy move to the next. This system is the next generation thinking a multi-location video wall.


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Skärmstorlek (max/min) 55 "" / 40 "
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Max vikt 50 kg
VESA VESA 200 x 200 mm / VESA 300 x 200 mm / VESA 300 x 300 mm / VESA 400 x 200 mm / VESA 400 x 400 mm / VESA 600 x 400 mm
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Dimensioner (B x H x D) 2125 mm x 436,5 mm
Vikt 15 kg
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