Seagull BarTender Basic Edition


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Seagull Scientific
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  • Easy to learn, easy to use
  • Compliance labels and ready-to-print formats
  • Exceptional font control
  • Advanced, custom serialization
  • Import and export graphics
  • Native and HTML-compatible data-entry forms
  • World's most powerful scale support


With BarTender, a few quick mouse motions are all it takes to combine bar codes, text, and graphics into professional quality labels. You can even encode RFID tags. A "look and feel" that carefully follows Microsoft's official guidelines means that, if you've used just one other Windows program, you're ready to start designing labels today. BarTender gives you total control over your label's appearance. Place objects exactly where you want and control rotation as precisely as 1/10th of a degree. You're limited only by your imagination.Combine and print text from almost any language on Earth without the configuration problems and data corruption associated with "code page" swapping. BarTender's "Full-system" Unicode support not only handles label data, but also servers, databases, tables, and fields containing any combination of international characters in their names. BarTender gives you a remarkably accurate design time view of your label. There's also a Print Preview that reads your external data sources, so you can see exactly how your labels are going to look without wasting labels.Basic Edition is intended for users who just need BarTender's essential label design and printing features. It includes the most frequently used label design features. Includes all text, graphics, bar code, and most of the serialization design capabilities. Useful for keyboard-supplied label data only.


Tillverkare Seagull Scientific
Märke Seagull
Typ av licens Licens
Kategori Kreativitetsapplikation
Licenskategori Licens
Licensprissättning Standard
Antal licenser 1 arbetsstation
Underkategori Kreativitet - programvara för märkning/streckkoder
Plattform Windows