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Watchguard XTM 26/26w 1YR Application Control

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WatchGuard Technologies


  • Exercise fine-grained control over more than 1,500 applications organized by category
  • Rely on over 2,300 signatures and sophisticated behavioral analysis to identify applications trying to enter your network
  • Establish acceptable use policies for users and groups by category, application, and application sub-function for maximum flexibility
  • Take advantage of real-time and historical visibility into what's being accessed on your network to report on application usage
  • Block use of YouTube, Skype, and QQ at all times, during key business hours, or never
  • Block use of all P2P applications for anyone who is not part of the management team
  • Allow the marketing department access to Facebook and other social networking sites


  • Allow Windows Live Messenger for instant messaging, but disallow using it for file transfers
  • Limit streaming media applications to specific times of day
  • Report on the top ten applications used in the company
  • Report on the use (or attempted use) of applications by any individual in the company


Application Control ger möjligheten att monitorera och eller reglera applikations användandet. En databas på fler än 2 500 applikationer känner brandväggen till.


Tillverkare WatchGuard Technologies
Kategori Online- och enhetsbaserade tjänster
Licenskategori Abonnemangslicens
Antal licenser 1 enhet
Typ av licens Abonnemangslicens
Giltighetsperiod 1 år
Underkategori Online - och funktionsbaserade tjänster - innehållsfilter
Produkttyp Subscription licence - 1 year
Service och support
Service & support Uppdatering av nya versioner