Seagate Enterprise Performance

0.3TB 2.5" SAS-2

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Total kapacitet
0.3 TB
64 MB


  • Stores twice the amount of Tier 1 data without increasing the total number of drives
  • Enables Tier 1 applications to process more transactions within a given time period to help increase revenue generation, improve customer satisfaction and complete critical business processes faster
  • Supports 6 Gb/s SAS for more robust topologies and higher reliability 20% improved annualized failure rate (0.44% AFR) with third-generation, field-proven reliability
  • Provides up to 21% improvement in sequential data read-write performance over prior generation
  • Delivers up to 3% faster random read and up to 4% faster random write performance vs. prior generation; up to 10% faster random read and up to 8% faster random write performance vs. legacy 3.5-inch, 15K drives
  • Helps protect data from corruption during the storage process and from exposure should the device be lost, stolen or retired
  • Reduces system complexity and data center operating costs


The Savvio 15K.3 drive enables Tier 1 applications to read and write both random and sequential data faster. Data centers can store and access important random data up to 10% faster and sequential data up to 21% faster over previous generations, enabling them to process more transactions within a given time period.Providing up to 300 GB capacity, the Seagate Savvio 15K.3 drive stores twice the amount of data without increasing the total number hard drives used. This helps data centers keep up with the growth of data while improving storage efficiency.The Savvio 15K.3 drive provides protection information and self-encrypting drive options to help companies achieve corporate and/or government security compliance goals. The drive helps protect data from inadvertent change from the moment of creation until the end of life, and from exposure if the device is lost, stolen or retired.


Formfaktor Intern
Hårddisktyp Mekanisk
Tumstorlek 2,5 "
Lagringskapacitet 300 GB
Rotationshastighet 15000 RPM
Gränssnitt SAS-III
Bufferstorlek 64 MB
Energiförbrukning och ljudnivå
Energiförbrukning, drift 4,25 W
Generell information
Dimensioner (B x H x D) 70,1 mm x 15 mm x 100,45 mm
Vikt 200 g
Garantitid 5 år