Brother Bandlaminat

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This is a 1'' laminated tape (black on yellow) used with labeling systems (P-touch) produced by Brother company noticed by its high quality production.Brother's laminated tapes consist of six layers of materials, resulting in thin, yet extremely strong, labels. Characters formed with thermal transfer ink are actually printed onto the underside of a laminate. Sandwiched between two layers of PET (polyethylene) film, the characters are virtually indestructible.


Tillverkare Brother
Produktlinje Brother
Medietyp Bandlaminat
Utskriftteknik Direkttermo
Storlek Rulle (1,8 cm x 8 m)
Allmänt / Underkategori medier Kort, etiketter och klisterlappar
Allmänt / Klass skrivarförbrukningsartiklar Medier