Watchguard Spamblocker XTM 1050 1YR

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WatchGuard Technologies


  • Strong protection
  • Spam Quarantine
  • Intuitive management
  • Flexible administrator control
  • Optimized for better network performance
  • Decision making in real time
  • Cost effective solution


spamBlocker blocks nearly 100% of unwanted email in real time before it can reach your internal mail server or client. It blocks spam regardless of the language, format, or content of the message - even image-based spam that other anti-spam products often miss. Delivers an addition layer of virus outbreak protection for your network and includes full-featured spam quarantine.


Tillverkare WatchGuard Technologies
Kategori Online- och funktionsbaserade tjänster
Licenskategori Abonnemangslicens
Antal licenser 1 enhet
Typ av licens Abonnemangslicens
Giltighetsperiod 1 år
Underkategori Online- och funktionsbaserade tjänster - antiskräppost
Produkttyp Subscription licence - 1 year
Service och support
Service & support Uppdatering av nya versioner