Jenving SUPRA HF100

18+1 pin digital DVI (Single-Link) Hane 18+1 pin digital DVI (Single-Link) Hane Blå 1m

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  • 5010100345
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SUPRA HF100 is specially designed for use over long runs and high resolutions with HDMI and DVI hardware. The cores of SUPRA HF100 are insulated with PE for low capacitance and high velocity factor.The digital pairs are impedance stable over the entire frequency range up to 600MHz. The pairs are twisted with different pitch in order to minimize crosstalk.SUPRA HF100 cable is double shielded. The most important cores are separately screened and in addition there is a common shielding of all cores. The shielding provides efficient protection from electromagnetic radiation.


Tillverkare Jenving
Färg Blå
Modell HF100
Förpackad kvantitet 1
Kontakttyp vänster 18+1 pin digital DVI (Single-Link)
Typ av vänster kontakt Hane
Kontakttyp höger 18+1 pin digital DVI (Single-Link)
Typ av högerkontakt Hane
Längd 1 m
Typ av I/O-kabel DVI-kabel
Antal vänsterkontakter 1
Antal högerkontakter 1
Pläterad kontakt Guld
Avskärmningsmaterial Aluminiumfolie