Corsair Value Select

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  • VS1GB667D2


Corsair memory is specifically designed for rock-solid performance in the most demanding of applications. Data lines are specifically designed for noise immunity; clock lines are optimized for minimum skew. Corsair has many years of experience in qualifying high-performance memory, and has developed a knowledge base and track record, which is among the best in the industry. Corsair also has strict standards for product qualification; any changes in design, bill-of-materials, and/or supplier, must be re-qualified prior to shipment to end customers. These high standards have resulted in a very robust product, with extremely few failures, returns, or compatibility problems.


Minnestyp DIMM DDR2
Minnesstorlek 1 GB
Antal minnesmoduler 1 st
Minneshastighet 667 MHz
Buffrat minne Nej