Lenovo ThinkPlus TrackPoint Cap Collection trackpoint-hätta

Extra plastpluttar för datorer med TrackPoint

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The Trackpoint Cap Collection has three Trackpoint cap styles you can use with your ThinkPad notebook. Six caps are included in the package: Two Classic Dome Caps - the classic cap included with all ThinkPad notebooks; Two Soft Dome Caps - a new style with a softer feel and rubber dots for added traction; Two Soft Rim Caps - another new style with a recessed dome that holds your finger in place.
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Tillverkare Lenovo
Produkttyp Trackpoint cap, Trackpoint-hätta
Tillbehörskategori Tillbehör för bärbar dator och handdator
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Yttermått djup 0.5 cm
Yttermått höjd 0.6 cm
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