Nikon PK 11A

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Nikon is a precision optical company with worldwide manufacturing, research and marketing capabilities. Nikon offers thousands of products, ranging from its flagship digital and film cameras, lenses and accessories to its microscopes, measuring and inspection instruments, binoculars, surveying equipment, eyewear, scanners, underwater systems, ophthalmic instruments, semiconductor manufacturing systems, and more. The Nikon name is equated with extraordinary photographic performance, innovation, precision and optical quality.Nikon offers this PK-11A 8mm extension tube.


Förpackad kvantitet 1
Modell 11A
Märke Nikon
Produktlinje Nikon PK
Objektivsystem / Typ av system Tillbehör till objektiv
Objektivtyp Förlängningsrör
Mått och vikt
Vikt 0.05 kg
Diameter 64.4 cm