D-Link Stackningskabel

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  • 5010071350
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  • DEM-CB100


D-Link is an industry pioneer, market leader, designer and true manufacturer of networking communications and digital home electronic products. Excellence in manufacturing, innovation and a commitment to quality has allowed D-Link to produce cutting-edge, high-performance products within standard-based technologies. The company continues to offer the best value in the connectivity market today by combining high-quality products with the most affordable price point.This 10Gig Stacking Cable may be required when stacking more than 5 units in a stack.


Tillverkare D-Link
Typ för vänsterkontakt Hane
Kontakttyp vänster 4x InfiniBand (SFF-8470)
Typ för högerkontakt Hane
Kontakttyp höger 4x InfiniBand (SFF-8470)
Typ av nätverkskabel Stackningskabel
Mått och vikt
Längd 1 m