Dustin Expo is just around the corner

We welcome you to Ericsson Globe in Stockholm on March 19th-21st. Every year the largest IT fair in the Nordics attracts more than 10,000 visitors and up to 80 exhibitors. The first two days are aimed at businesses and requires registration in advance. Day three is open to everyone.

Why should you visit Dustin Expo?

This year’s overall theme is transformation. Come and learn more about innovation and circularity. Jonas Kjellberg, co-founder of Skype, shares new opportunities in a changing world. Tobias Ahlin, until recently the Lead UX Designer at Minecraft, reveals how we can make better decisions when it comes to innovation and creativity with the right mindset. Rebecca Carlsson, founder of Heureka Ventures, demonstrates how sustainability and technology can create new business models and Elsa Bernadotte, CEO at Karma, explains how circular business models can be profitable.

  • Explore exciting new products and services
  • Network with people in the IT industry
  • Meet the pioneers who are leading the industry’s transformation
  • Discuss the latest tools and techniques
  • Benchmark your business with the best